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El Rancho Grande

Date completed: 2022

Address: 63455 North Highway 97, Bend, OR


Project details:

  • Brick walls. Custom openings
  • Custom bull at front entry, by sweet pea cole
  • Bar area and custom lighting
  • Raised booths and arbors over dining seats
  • Yea buddy picture wall + sombrero wall
  • Custom garage door
  • Patio redo and seating
  • Custom metal accents
  • Merch wall and to-go area

At El Rancho Grande, we embarked on an exciting journey with our clients Rafael and Lorena to revitalize their beloved restaurant space.

With a vision to remodel that echoed the spirit of El Rancho Grande, we collaborated closely with Rafael and Lorena over a year, ensuring every detail reflected their dreams. A paramount concern was minimizing downtime, and through meticulous planning, we achieved an astounding feat – completing the remodel in just 12 days!

Our dedicated crew and skilled subcontractors worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life. Months before closure, our carpenters meticulously crafted and finished bespoke booths, intricate metalwork, a stunning bar back, and a captivating merchandise area. Each piece was methodically assembled, disassembled, and stored onsite, ready for the grand reveal.

To infuse the space with artistic flair, we enlisted the expertise of Sara Hobin. Sara’s keen eye and artistic sensibilities harmonized Lorena’s vibrant colors and ideas, culminating in a cohesive design narrative. Collaborating with a talented artist, custom paintings adorned the bar, adding a unique charm to El Rancho Grande’s ambiance. Sara’s touch extended beyond aesthetics, guiding seating choices and patio furniture selection to enhance both comfort and style.

At El Rancho Grande, our dedication to craftsmanship and client satisfaction shines through every detail. Join us in savoring the essence of tradition, reinvented with contemporary flair, at El Rancho Grande – where every visit is a celebration of culinary delights and inspired design.

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